Love Hurts Film Festival is here this Valentine’s Day, to provide moviegoers in Glasgow City one grisly, blood-soaked and nasty Valentine’s treat.

A celebration of short films illuminating the dark and twisted side of romance, Love Hurts takes place in Glasgow, Scotland on February 14th 2017.

We accept submissions from anywhere around the globe, of up to 16-minute films which depict love more like the monster lurking under your bed, than the same old flower bouquet you receive every year.

Whatever the genre of your film, if it’s about the darker facets of love, desire and passion, we want to watch it!


Last Valentine’s Day, Glasgow-based filmmaker Jo Osborne put together a screening of short films illustrating the horrid and twisted side of love, with the aim to provide an alternative form of entertainment to doting couples and sullen singles. After the event sold out, it only made sense not simply to repeat it, but to turn Love Hurts into something much bigger. Thus, Love Hurts Film Festival!


Jo  Osborne, Festival Director

An experienced screenwriter and director, Jo Osborne has produced a number of short films, including 48 Hour Film Project entry Sinner for Two, and short horror film Requital, which had its USA premiere at Ax Wound Film Festival in November 2016. Her devotion and commitment to provide audiences with new and unusual forms of entertainment, has led to the creation of Love Hurts Film Festival.

John Perivolaris, Festival Director

Director and screenwriter John Perivolaris of Random Clock Films, is behind the revenge-driven short film Mona and the Stations of the Cross and award-winning screenplay Room Dressed in Men. After assisting on Love Hurts back in February 14th 2016, he could not help but fall madly in love with the concept, and get involved in turning Love Hurts into a full-fleshed film festival.